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last updated on: 03/08/17 11:16AM
   NHL 18: EA SPORTS Pledge To Create A More Authentic Experience [03/08/17 11:16AM]   
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Next month, NHL 18 is slated to release on Xbox One and PS4. However, NHL 18 Beta is now open to all gamers until August, 8, 2017, according to EA SPORTS. When it comes to Beta, including three modes, respectively, new NHL THREES, EA Sports Hockey League as well as Online play. In this article, we introduced these modes. If you have other questions, welcome to connect with...

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   NHL 18 Beta Now Available: New EA SPORTS Hockey League [03/08/17 11:14AM]   
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From on now, a beta for the NHL 18 has begun on both Xbox One and PS4. You can download the game and test out NHL THREES for yourself, even if the campaign portion of the mode will be locked for the final game. NHL 18 is about to launched on September 15 for Xbox One as well as PS4. You can view more videos about the game if you are interested, ...

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   NHL 18 Gamers Are About To Get An All New Experience From EA SPORTS [03/08/17 11:10AM]   
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Gamers are about to get an all new experience from EA SPORTS as well. According to publisher of NHL 18, an Open Beta has launched for the game. On Xbox One and PlayStation 4, you can download it and play it now free of charge. The game will introduce many arcade elements, in the meanwhile, it also feature a series of modes. Have you ever wondered how important ...

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